Matt Gragg

Matthew Gragg

Location (Philly Neighbourhood): Fishtown

Hometown: Livermore, California 


Current Project(s)/Band(s): THE VERNES

Past Project(s)/Band(s): The Nories, "Troubador!"

Instrument(s) you play: guitar, drums, piano etc. 


What else do you do in the Philly music scene? Less than i should be doing, to be completely honest. But i try to get to shows (that we aren't playing) whenever possible & support local bands and buy their merch and what not. I don't know, if anybody needs a drummer hit me up. 


Location of Photo(s): Penn Treaty Park / Abandoned Philadelphia Electrical Co. factory / Basement studio!

What do those location(s) mean to you?: Penn Treaty was the first "chill/drink beer/sort of naturey" place the boys & I found the summer we moved to Philly so it'll always be a special place to me. The abandoned factory is just super creepy & beautiful. Our basement studio is one of my favorite places on earth, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 


Favourite Place in Philly: Probably Paine's Park, I try to go skate every morning. Exercise is good for you, makes me less grouchy & easier to be around for sure.

Favourite Watering Hole/Coffee Spot: River Wards Cafe!

Favourite Restaurant: wawa is rad

Favourite Pizza Spot: Tacconelli's Pizzeria

Favourite Philly Record Shop: Wild Mutation

Favourite Philly Venue: Boot & Saddle


Recording Space: We recorded our first full length, "the vernes" in Cole's bedroom aka our basement. 


Favourite Philly Band(s): Spirit of the Beehive, Radiator Hospital, Palm, Hop Along, Hall & Oates

Best show you’ve seen in Philly: Saw Big Thief open for Frankie C. at the church and I was absolutely blown away. Had their first album on repeat for like 6 months after that. 


What are you listening to now:  IAN SWEET, Songs: Ohia, Parquet Courts, Broadcast, Spirit of the Beehive, Alden Penner's "Canada In Space EP" is pretty amazing. Literally right now though somebody put a jacket with a zipper in the dryer and so i hear that clanking around


If you could sum up in one sentence what Philly / Philly music scene means to you, what would it be?  So dang supportive & tight. 


Life motto: "happiness is a passed pawn"

Random Fun Fact: I once became so obsessed with chess that i quit music for like a year and a half. I got pretty good though so that's cool.

Childhood Dream Job: garbage man

Pets: Got a little kitty cat. She's an orange tabby, her name's Agent. Also we have a drummer, Pat. He's a good old boy. 


Future plans: Just keep on rockin you know