Hometown: New Hope, PA


Current Project(s)/Band(s): The Lawsuits

Instrument(s) you play: Not Drums


Location of Photo(s): Home in New Hope, PA


Favourite Watering Hole/Coffee Spot: hard to find a bad place. I generally go to Steep & Grind

Favourite Restaurant: for quick pickup - Liberty Choice 


Recording Space: hi 5 @ mass building, hotbox, personal studio

Favourite Philly Band(s): lot of good stuff everywhere. Really into the projects I've been recording recently: Chelsea Mitchell/Dirty Dollhouse, Kalob Griffin 


What are you listening to now: Fruit Bats, The Cure, trying to get into Captain Beefheart 


Random Fun Fact: I was on a radio show with my Dad for a few years around the age of 5 : "The Uncle Wally & Sunny Brian Show"

Childhood Dream Job: Starting 2B for the Philadelphia Phillies. 

Pets: Beagle Dog


Future plans: Release a solo album