Caroline Reese

Location (Philly Neighbourhood): I live in my hometown of Reading, PA, about 60 miles west on Philly. So I consider myself a dual member of both the Philly and the Berks County music scenes. I got into the Philly scene through my bandmates Mark Watter & Karl Germanovich, who are from Delco. 

Hometown: Reading, PA


Current Project(s)/Band(s): Caroline Reese & the Drifting Fifth

Instrument(s) you play: Guitar, a little piano & banjo.

What else do you do in the Philly music scene?: We've found our recording home in Philly between Headroom & Miner Street studios - it's been an honor to work with the musicians and engineers there. 


Location of Photo(s): The Headroom Philadelphia

What do those location(s) mean to you?: We were very lucky to be able to track most of our upcoming album, Tenderfoot, there.


Favourite Place in Philly: Probably McGlinchey's bar. All kinds of people gather there. It's a smoking bar, which I kind of like, and they serve cheap hot dogs. Another favorite place is the wall inside WXPN studios where all the artists who have been there sign their names. My favorite is Bob Dylan's tiny unassuming signature. It's hard to find unless you're looking.


Favourite Watering Hole/Coffee Spot: The Monkey & the Elephant Cafe in Brewerytown. Also Rocket Cat!

Favourite Restaurant: Dim Sum Garden in Chinatown. Truly, dim sum has changed my life.

Favourite Pizza Spot: Rustica!

Favourite Philly Record Shop: Can I say used book store? If so - Bookhaven on Fairmount Ave. A visit there is an integral part of a perfect Philly weekend to me.

Favourite Philly Venue: Ortlieb's, Boot & Saddle


Favourite Philly Band(s): Hemming & Kurt Vile

Best show you’ve seen in Philly: Johnny Showcase or El Caribefunk. I'm hooked on both bands. I love nothing more than to lose myself in a band that is having the time of their lives.

If you could sum up in one sentence what Philly / Philly music scene means to you, what would it be? "Is it ok to park here?" "I'll have a PBR." Or maybe that's just what I say the most often. :-P


What are you listening to now: It takes me a long, long time to absorb new music. I tend to binge on a single song or album for months at a time. Currently I'm playing two Jason Isbell songs on repeat: "Life You Chose" & "Relatively Easy." And this song "Duvan" by Amason. Dreamy.


Life motto: Maybe this is cheesy, but I consider the lyric from Eddie Vedder's Into the Wild song "Rise" to be kind of a motto - "Find my direction magnetically." It was on a guitar strap I had and I painted it on a wall where I used to live. 

Random Fun Fact: I'm a twin! 

Childhood Dream Job: Writer/cowgirl.

Pets: Counting down the days until I can adopt a dog. Truly. 


Future plans: The Drifting Fifth (Mark Watter, Karl Germanovich, and John Macko) and I released our single 'Snake Eyes' on September 7th. And then the LP, 'Tenderfoot,' will be out at the end of 2016. <3