Logan Roth

Logan Roth

Location (Philly Neighbourhood): Manayunk (though in the process of relocating into the city)

Hometown: Chicago


Current Project(s)/Band(s): Trap Rabbit is the main project I'm in, but I perform solo occasionally, and as a session musician I've been hired by all kinds of musicians throughout the city. To name a few recent ones... Donn T, Kuf Knotz, Soraia, and Sonni Shine.

Instrument(s) you play: Keyboards, piano, desks. I'm also a mean whistler.

What else do you do in the Philly music scene? I do a lot of teaching (piano, songwriting/composition) both privately and with a company called Meridee Winters School of Music. 


Location of Photo(s): My basement!

What do those location(s) mean to you?: I've spent so much time in this room- I rehearse with bands down here, I practice down here, I write down here, I chill down here, I send emails down here. I love this space. I really feel like I've changed for the better since moving to Philadelphia, and much, if not most of my growth has happened in this room.


Favourite Place in Philly: Mt. Moriah Cemetery or The Wissahickon Valley.

Favourite Watering Hole/Coffee Spot: W/N W/N

Favourite Restaurant: New Azaad for Indian food. Can't beat the price/quality ratio. 

Favorite Cheesesteak Place: Dalessandro's is amazing but Chubby's has 40's and delivers to my house... so Chubby's wins. Someone recently told me that the best places in philly are actually pizza places because they toast the whole sandwich... I have yet to confirm.

Favourite Pizza Spot: (I'm from Chicago, this is invalid)

Favourite Philly Record Shop: I don't know if I have a favorite but the one I've spent the most time in is Main Street Music in Manayunk. 

Favourite Philly Venue: This is difficult. The venue that I most like to go see shows in is Johnny Brenda's or Underground Arts. My favorite venue to play in is the Ardmore Music Hall.


Recording Space: Well I really liked the space Darla Hood had in Germantown but they moved out :(

Favourite Philly Band(s): Ever? The Roots. Right now? Muscle Tough and Square Peg Round Hole are my current favorites.

Best show you’ve seen in Philly: So many good ones... So I'll give you a few. Derrick Hodge at Johnny Brenda's, Hiatus Kaiyote at Underground Arts, and paris_monster at Bourbon and Branch.


What are you listening to now: the fOUR project from Nate Wood, Paper Mice, The JuJu Exchange, Max Ox, Grizzly Bear, Tyler The Creator


If you could sum up in one sentence what Philly / Philly music scene means to you, what would it be? Jawn jawn jawn jawn jawn jawn jawn.


Random Fun Fact: I do not have a ring finger on my left hand. If you look closely you'll notice that it's actually just another, elongated thumb.

Childhood Dream Job: Musician


Future plans: Sustain what I've got going- I want to get better at and learn more about music every day alongside my friends. If I can do that for a living, I'll have made it. 

...also Trap Rabbit is coming out with an EP soon, so look out for that.