Bruce Warren

Bruce Warren

Location: Merion

Hometown: Born and raised in Philly!


Current Project: The Bruce Warren Experience. Haha.

Past Project(s)/Place(s) you worked: I’ve worked at XPN for 27 years.

Instrument(s) you play (if any): Guitar and drums. The last band I was in was The Freddy Cohen Power Duo. We played hard rock covers of classic rock songs, and worked the Bar Mitzvah circuit.

What else do you do in the Philly music scene? I cheerlead, advocate, support, and connect people with the music.


Location of Photo: WXPN


Favourite Place in Philly: Rittenhouse Square

Favourite Restaurant: Zahav

Favourite Cheesesteak Place: D'allesandros

Favourite Pizza Spot: I don’t have one.

Favourite Philly Record Shop: Main Street Music in Manayunk

Favourite Philly Venue: Union Transfer/Johnny Brenda's/The Fillmore


Favourite Philly Band(s): Too many to mention, but some of my faves are Hardwork Movement, Mannequin Pussy, Harmony Woods, Strand of Oaks, Jesse Hale Moore, The Dove and The Wolf, Dr. Dog, The Districts, Joie Kathos, Hurry, Amanda X, Queen of Jeans, Louie Louie, Grande Marshall, Moosh & Twist, Sheer Mag, Dominic Angelello, The Roots, Chubby Checker, King Britt, Schoolly D, Sorry if I forgot you. Like I said, too many that I like.


What are you listening to now: Like, right now? “Folk-Country” – an album that Waylon Jennings released in 1966. It was his major label debut.


If you could sum up in one sentence what Philly / Philly music scene means to you, what would it be? Extreme awesomeness. (That’s one sentence)…The last five years the scene has just exploded and continues to get better. There is so much great creativity here, from indie-rock to singer-songwriters to hip-hop. The scene is on fire, and has an incredible sense of community.


Life motto: Onward and Upward.

Random Fun Fact: I was in the restaurant business for a decade before I started to volunteer as a DJ at XPN.

Childhood Dream Job: the one I have now.

Pets: Four cats (Piggy, Salsa, Butterscotch, and Lola). We foster a black lab, Rigo, from the Penn Vet Working Dog Center, an amazing program that trains work dogs.


Future plans: To keep playing the hits.