Mark Watter

Location (Philly Neighbourhood): South Philly

Hometown: Havertown, PA


Current Project(s)/Band(s): Caroline Reese and the Drifting Fifth (Lead Guitar and Backing Vox), Liz de Lise (Bass and Backing Vox) 

Past Project(s)/Band(s): Howlish (currently on a break)

Instrument(s) you play: Guitar, Bass, Vocals

What else do you do in the Philly music scene? I produce, engineer, and mix records for Philly bands / bands from the Philly suburbs! It's been incredible to learn from Kyle Pulley and Joe Reinhart and to be able to assist them on some incredible records (e.g. Riff Hard by Thin Lips).


Favourite Place in Philly: The Headroom

Favourite Watering Hole/Coffee Spot: Rocket Cat / Boot and Saddle

Favourite Restaurant: Every Wawa. 

Favourite Pizza Spot: Pizza Brain


Favourite Philly Record Shop: Main Street Records

Favourite Philly Venue: Boot and Saddle


Location of Photo(s): The Headroom Philadelphia

What do those location(s) mean to you?: Headroom is where I've grown the most over the past year. There have been many late nights, many mistakes, and many fond memories. I really feel so grateful to be a part of The Headroom family, and to be able to make records I love here. It feels like my home in the city. Hearing all the music coming out of it has definitely influenced my own writing and performance. 

Recording Space: The Headroom Philadelphia / Miner Street / various basements


Favourite Philly Band(s): Hop Along, Thin Lips, Hemming, Creepoid

What are you listening to now: Creepoid, Porches, Superdrag, Screaming Females

Best show you’ve seen in Philly: Screaming Females at the Church


If you could sum up in one sentence what Philly / Philly music scene means to you, what would it be? It's a place where more voices can be heard. (I've learned so much from my fellow musicians about more than music - it's about life, it's about acceptance, and most of all it's about encouragement and hopefully learning from our mistakes to be better versions of ourselves). 


Life motto: "If a lion could speak, we could not understand him" uhm...but actually probably something more like "language is everything"

Random Fun Fact: I'm left-handed but play instruments righty!

Childhood Dream Job: I wanted to illustrate/write graphic novels or make video games

Pets: 2 cats, Indiana Jones and Mittens


Future plans: Keep recording, playing and touring! I'm going to be on tour with Liz de Lise from September 13- November 13, and then we'll hopefully be releasing the new Caroline (I engineered the record and we were lucky enough to have Matt Poirier mix it at Miner Street).