Ben Runyan

Location (Philly Neighbourhood): Fairmount/Spring Garden    

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA (Chestnut Hill)


Current Project(s)/Band(s): City Rain

Instrument(s) you play: Barely piano

What else do you do in the Philly music scene? Collab with other artists


Location of Photo(s): Drexel University

What does this location mean to you?: I teach Music Production there and I record all my singers there for my recent project.


Favourite Place in Philly: Cira Green rooftop in University City. Awesome green space on the 12th floor of a parking garage. Major chillage spot.

Favourite Watering Hole/Coffee Spot: La Colombe, Fishtown. Love that place.

Favourite Restaurant: Victor Cafe, South Philly. All the waiters/waitresses are Opera students and signers. Amazing Italian food. Tradition in my family.

Favourite Pizza Spot: I honestly don’t know. I have a very controversial opinion. I don’t believe in bad pizza.. As in it doesn't exist. All pizza is good pizza.

Favourite Philly Record Shop: What's a record store? It’s 2016.

Favourite Philly Venue: Milkboy. I’ve had nothing but good experiences there as a performer and as a listener. 


Recording Space: Drexel University. 

Favourite Philly Band(s): Minka, Air Is Human comes to mind first. Top class lads.

Best show you’ve seen in Philly: Jonsi, Electric Factory 2010.


What are you listening to now: New John Legend record, A lot of Ghostly records, and a lot of AnjunaBeats dance records. 


Life motto: No Excuses. 

Random Fun Fact: Avid golfer since 9.

Childhood Dream Job: FBI Agent.

Pets: RIP Lilly and Callie <3 My kitties.


Future plans: Working on a new record of features. I’m the artist/producer. I write the songs, people sing them. Trying to make an unapologetically POP record.