Marley McNamara

Marley McNamara

Location (Philly Neighbourhood): "Port Fishington" (lol on the border of Fishtown and Kensington/Port Richmond)

Hometown: Chestnut Hill (still Philly!)


Current Project(s): Damn where to start? Still going strong with managing bands (The Districts, Pine Barons, Levee Drivers, etc.), currently started working with The Dove & the Wolf which has been amazing too, they're great people and they just signed to Fat Possum Records! The Districts, Pine Barons, Levee Drivers and The Dove & the Wolf all have new albums that are about to drop soon so I'm going to be going crazy very shortly but in the best way possible. Stay tuned for more news across the board with each band! I am also a production coordinator for Johnny Brenda's Tues-Friday. Sometimes you can find me behind the bar there, as well, because I love the place so much I never want to leave!  I'm also on the Board of Directors for this incredible program called Beyond the Bars which brings music programming to incarcerated youth in Philadelphia. Last year we were able to raise over $10k which allowed us to build a recording studio in one of the prisons for the students to record their original music and this year we have some really incredible fundraiser ideas that will help spread the word and take this program to the next level. You can visit for more info! 

Past Project(s)/Client(s): I worked at World Cafe Live for many, many years and got my start in music at WCL so I can honestly say I owe everything to them. That place certainly changed my life and I couldn't thank them enough for that! 


Location of Photo(s): Johnny Brenda's

What do those location(s) mean to you?: Working for JB's has really enhanced my life in a lot of ways. It never feels like "a job" because the people that keep that place running are some of the coolest humans I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. I get to go in and hang out with my friends and we all take pride in making sure everything is running smoothly because we have so much respect for JBs and the people there. Such a special place all around. 


Favourite Place in Philly: This is a hard one! Not to sound redundant but I think JB's is my favorite place in Philly! 

Favourite Watering Hole/Coffee Spot: I'm going the coffee direction and say La Colombe for the quality of coffee, Milk Crate for the vibe/bonus of having a record store in the basement and I'm frequently at Front Street Cafe during the day because it's a great spot to work from and hold meetings. If I'm not holding a meeting at JB's it's usually at Front Street Cafe. That huge round upstairs table is pretty dope and I'm usually able to snag it! 

Favourite Restaurant: I don't go out to dinner much but I do have an inner basic bitch who loves going to brunch. I go to Kraftwork by myself almost every Saturday to just chill and not be bothered by work emails and just life in general, haha. Their brunch is seriously on point and their staff is super awesome and so good at their jobs!

Favourite Pizza Spot: Hands down, Franco's in Fishtown for cheap, really good regular pizza. Nothing fancy but so awesome at the same time! Rustica rules too. 


Favourite Philly Record Shop: I really like Philadelphia Record Exchange and Creep Records! Both awesome. Main Street Music in Manayunk is great, too! I'm so indecisive huh?

Favourite Philly Venue: For smaller shows, JB's duh. For bigger shows, Union Transfer! 

Favourite Philly Band(s): Spirit of the Beehive and Tough Shits


Best show you’ve seen in Philly: This is hard because the majority of my life has been at shows it seems but I have to say the BRONCHO show at JB's in June with Straw Hats blew me away. I've never seen such a high energy crowd at JB's and the show just really elevated to the next level. I was excited I had to be the person to pull the kid by the ankle down from swinging off the balcony! 

What are you listening to now: The new Districts record on serious repeat :) Also fell back into a Petty K-hole after my friend Pat Finnerty performed his Tom Petty Appreciation Club show at JBs. I always find myself listening to BRONCHO, too, because they're one of the coolest bands of my generation, in my opinion. I also listen to the entire Car Seat Headrest discography at least once a week.


If you could sum up in one sentence what Philly / Philly music scene means to you, what would it be? The Philly music scene is extremely inspiring and the sense of community between artists is the reason why it flourishes the way it does. I could really go farther but you said "one sentence".


Life motto: Don't fuck this up. 

Random Fun Fact: My real name is Margaret but I've never been called Margaret in my life. My parents just decided to give me two names so later down the line it would be really difficult for me to explain to everyone that Marley is not my legal name, but the only name I go by. It's been cool buying additional plane tickets because the name doesn't match the ID too. Good lookin out, Mom and Dad! 

Childhood Dream Job: Music journalist or fashion designer (says the girl who dresses like a 21 year old boy)

Pets: Unfortunately none at the moment but I grew up with some of the best Labs ever and I miss them every day! 

Future plans: Don't fuck this up.