Jen Pague

Location (Philly Neighbourhood): West Kensington

Hometown: Downingtown, PA


Current Project(s)/Band(s): Vita and the Woolf

Past Project(s)/Band(s): Downingtown West High School Band 2007, SpArc Services. 

Instrument(s) you play: Piano, Guitar, Clarinet 

What else do you do in the Philly music scene? I try to be supportive and connect friends with other friends who play music or need a gig. 


Location of Photo(s): Spruce Street Harbor

What do those location(s) mean to you?: I like the lights, lights look good in photos sometimes, bodies of water make me think better.


Favourite Place in Philly: "Graffiti Pier", though I don't like that name. It's creepy, majestic, and beautiful. It's an important place for street art. I love the eclectic mix of style and color that comes from the layers of tags and art produced over the years. It's also probably the last place in the Fishtown/Kensington area that hasn't been torn apart and made into a construction zone. 


Favourite Watering Hole/Coffee Spot: I like Johnny Brenda's. I like to go there alone with my dog and sit outside drinking Kenzingers. It's great.

Favourite Restaurant: Mood Indian Restaurant. I go there at least once a week.

Favourite Cheesesteak Place: I just don't do the cheesesteak thing. I grew up eating Cheesesteaks and I just never continued the habit. 

Favourite Pizza Spot: Pizza Brain. 

Favourite Philly Record Shop: Creep Records

Favourite Philly Venue: Union Transfer


Recording Space: The spare room in my old house. 

Favourite Philly Band(s): War on Drugs, Alex G, Ellen Siberian Tiger

Best show you’ve seen in Philly: Diane Cluck. 


What are you listening to now:

The Cure

Mary J. Blige


Patti Smith

Michael Jackson (always)

Bon Iver

Passion Pit

Bruce Springstein

Alex G

Lana Del Rey

Mariah Carey 


If you could sum up in one sentence what Philly / Philly music scene means to you, what would it be? It's small enough to actually get somewhere, and big enough to know the good stuff.  


Life motto: I always make my bed in the morning..... unless it's a hotel.

Random Fun Fact: I sew.

Childhood Dream Job: Veterinarian 

Pets: Xena aka the 60 pound husky you might see me walking around on Frankford ave. 


Future plans: Moving to LA. I love Philly but life is too short to stay in one place.