Kirby Sybert

Location (Philly Neighbourhood): I heard it called South Kensington the other day but I’m sure that’s been developed and changed into condos so its probably SoKen or something hip like that

Hometown: Red Lion, PA this rural town in south central PA


Current Project(s)/Band(s): Kirby and the Vibe Tribe

Past Project(s)/Band(s): I’ve played in a whole bunch of different bands over the years, side man, front man, whichever man was needed. My first band was Down Dakota with some buddies in high school since then I’ve played with Hyde the Ivory, Wes Younger and the Noisy Servants, Momma Holler (Brooklyn), Up the Chain, The Bernhardt Family Band, Rockaway (Brooklyn), and I still play with the Brass Monkeys which is a Beastie Boys tribute band.   

Instrument(s) you play: Guitar, Drums, and a bit of piano

What else do you do in the Philly music scene?: I’ve been photographing different bands live and shooting some music videos, most recently I went on tour with Cheerleader and did a whole bunch of media for them. I’m currently working on visuals for them as well as for their drummer Carl Bahner and his remix project. I also host Fergie’s open mic with Jonas Osterle, Nero Catalano, and Noah Skaroff, some times the Vibe Tribe hosts. I also, with Keaton Thandi, host jam sessions at Fergie’s pub every once in a while. And I'm in a crew with some fellow musicians know as “Dem Boiz”, we’re about to get embroidered jackets. 


Location of Photo(s): Room, Fergie’s Pub

What do those location(s) mean to you?: My room is where I create a lot, I plan, I edit, or rehearse. Most of my creative output starts there. The desk that I have I kind of modeled after my parents work space in their basement. My mom owns a craft store on their front porch and she and my dad create the products she sells in our basement. She just celebrated 15 years of owning the shop actually. But in their basement they have a few work tables and I took that idea and put it in my room. I got it from this guy, Ernie, who owns a flea market up the street. So much of what I do starts at that desk and in that room.

Fergies Pub was one of the first regular spots in Philly that I’d go to. The first time I was there I was backing up Ali Wadsworth and we were there on like a Saturday afternoon to rehearse. That was the first time I met the place and have been going there ever since. I’d go to the open mic a whole bunch and play. I've met a lot of really great people in that upstairs room. I’m still there at least twice a week for Live Band Karaoke or Open mic or whatever happening. 


Favourite Place in Philly: I love the Fishtown area

Favourite Watering Hole/Coffee Spot: Fergies Pub or Kostas

Favourite Restaurant: Cafe Lutecia 

Favourite Pizza Spot: Rosa’s Fresh Pizza, where you can donate a dollar, put your name on a post it, and anyone who needs a slice, homeless or otherwise, can pick a post it and get a free slice. I love what their doing there 

Favourite Philly Record Shop: Creep Records 

Favourite Philly Venue: Johnny Brenda’s or Union Transfer


Recording Space: I’ve recorded all over NYC, Pittsburgh, Philly, probably my favorite time recording was with Momma Holler, we took a tape machine down to New Orleans and recorded an album for a month. Unforgettable, musically enlightening, and a life changing experience. Recently I’ve been working out of Hi5 studios at the Maas Building with Joshua Aaron Friedman of The Lawsuits, that’s where my most recent solo EP was recorded.

Favourite Philly Band(s): Some of my best friends play in my favorite bands in Philly. The Dawn Drapes, The Lawsuits, I love what Low Cut Connie is doing right now. Satellite Hearts, Kalob Griffin, and Dirty Dollhouse.

Best show you’ve seen in Philly: Father John Misty at Union transfer when he was touring “Fear Fun”. I had been listening to that record since it came out and then went to see the band play it live. A friend of a friend’s band, Jefferittiti’s Nile who was also Josh Tillman’s bassist opened and then FJM killed it. The ambiance and sound in that room was incredible, I still remember looking up to those old chandeliers during “Nancy From Now On” and thinking that this is the way music should sound. 


What are you listening to now: a lot of Vulfpeck, the new Dawes record “We’re All Gunna Die” which was produced by Blake Mills, who I’ve also been very into as of late. Emily King, Outkast, and “Currents” by Tame Impala.


If you could sum up in one sentence what Philly / Philly music scene means to you, what would it be?: Community 


Life motto: “I only breathe positivity” 

Random Fun Fact: I also work in TV and Film in Philly and NYC. I just got off of season 7 of Food Network’s Farmhouse Rules up in Hudson, NY and I’ve been working a lot on season 2 of Billions.

Childhood Dream Job: I wanted to be a baseball player or an actor.

Pets: My best friend growing up was my dog Mackenzie


Future plans: I’m touring with Kalob Griffin of the Kabob Griffin Band in November in support of this EP i just recorded. I release that in November. Then we’re releasing the Vibe Tribe LP next year and recording the second LP over the winter. I’m gunna do a few more solo EP’s, tour more of the US and go back to Europe to see some friends and play some shows. I’m also planning on directing some music videos, continue taking photos and video of friends, and traveling more.